Commander Rosamund Shepard

Commander Rosamund Shepard is a fictional character derived from the Mass Effect trilogy created by bioware.  She is the primary character of The Song of the Shepard, a long poetic epic by Charlotte Ann Kent.


She was a spacer, raised to the order, honour, and adventure of the Alliance, aspiring from a young age to follow in her parent’s steps. Though she was a happy child, her family was almost always apart, for her father served on one vessel, her mother on another, to comply with regulations.  She joined the Alliance herself as soon as she could, and went on to save the colony of Elysium. She was a fearsome warrior, a highly aggressive biotic, physically tough soldier, and a conscientious officer with no patience for evil and stupid. Though she was a loyal comrade and dutiful officer, she didn’t make close friends easily. What with moving around a deal and the rarity of truly kindred spirits, at the time of her assignment to the Normandy she really only two she accounted true friends; her much admired mother, and David Anderson, who she had loved since her childhood when he was her beloved father’s best friend. She was a no-nonsense, self-confident, warm-hearted battle-maid.


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