My Works

Charlotte Ann Kent has a blog and is sharing derivative literature online.  She is a writer currently working on a number of futuristic and contemporary novels.

The Song of the Shepard


Above the warmth of air we rise
Through the frosty turbulent skies
To where the blaze of heat and light
Clashes with black in the roofless heights
Our ship is new, her lines are clean
The crew is eager to fly
Before us is Space, the seen and unseen
In the untold depths of the sky…. ~>

The Shepard is a long work of narrative poetry inspired by the Mass Effect science-fiction franchise. A new canto is being posted the second weekend of every month. The work is derivative, but it is written for all who love poetry and adventure tales.  (No previous knowledge required, but if you’re a gamer, spoiler alert!)

Coming Soon…..

  This summer  

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard

A serial Sherlock Holmes novel in which the great detective picks up the trail of a certain infamous Tom Riddle.  Stay tuned for more details.