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Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard

When a seemingly impossible locked room mystery leaves Scotland Yard in confusion, Sherlock Holmes provides an impossible explanation: ‘They teleported’. Seven months later, Dr. John Watson discovers that the great detective was perfectly serious.

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeuard is a serial Sherlock Holmes novel, written and set in the modern age, but penned in the traditional Doyle style and narrated by Holmes’s friend Dr. John Watson. If you enjoy mysteries, Holmesian deductions, and tales of adventure, check it out!

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Commentaries of Fiction


As Regards the Re-Appearance of Commander Shepard  A renowned Alliance soldier is spaced in battle, her body is lost in the void. It is accepted that she is dead. Two whole years later, a person who appears to be this same soldier enters the galactic stage, working with a known terrorist organization of great power and technical ability.  What exactly is this soldier?  Well, it really could be the soldier. But it could be an imposter. And yet again, it might be technically the soldier … but with something wrong. Any of these three, and the many possible variations they contain, would be reasonable to postulate under the circumstances. I’d like to take a minute, and explore a few of the possibilities here.  Read More ~>


Severus Snape and James Potter: A Hero and a Jerk?  It is, I have noticed, not terribly uncommon among the readers of Harry Potter to characterize Severus Snape solely as a hero – on account of his arduous, painful, and extremely important work in defeating Voldemort, and James Potter as merely a lousy, no-good, jerk – on account of his teenage tendency to bully people (especially Snape). I consider this an overly simplistic take on two complex and fascinating characters. Read More ~>


The Enemy Within: A Criticism The Enemy Within: For those who do not know, the plot of this episode revolves around a transporter malfunction. For some reason the transporter starts splitting the beings who come through into two, one with their good qualities, the other with their bad qualities. Of course, before anybody figures out what is going on, Captain Kirk beams up from a planet.  Two persons who call themselves Kirk beam up to the ship, one mild, the other raging. Now they have to figure out not only how to fix the transporter so they can beam up the rest of the landing party before they freeze to death they also have to figure out how to fix the captain.  Let’s start with what is either physics or metaphysics. Not ‘how could the transporter have accomplished so bizarre a feat?’  Read More ~>

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